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Meet Lizzy

What makes her awesome I graduated from Brown University in 2021 with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. My hobbies are painting, going to fitness classes, and exploring restaurants. I will … Continued

Meet Esther

What makes her awesome Hello! I’m Esther, and I am a Computer Science student who is passionate about learning new things and pursuing a career in software engineering. Besides my … Continued

Meet Emma

What makes her awesome I have a hermit crab at school named sundried tomato who I LOVE. I’m also involved with the DEI committee at UNC’s computer science department where … Continued

Meet Shannen

How she’s helping change the face of technology I hope to become a senior/principal engineer on the pathway to become a manager with a huge emphasis on work-life balance. I … Continued

Meet Salamata

What makes her awesome I am originally from Conakry, in West Africa, and always dreamed of impacting the healthcare industry there and everywhere in the world. My goal is to … Continued

Meet Dominique

What makes her awesome Outside of tech, I like to paint people’s portraits which I get paid for. I have published a novel, a research paper and got awards for … Continued

Meet Arooj

How she’s helping change the face of technology I am a RTC member and mentor, GHC 2020 & 2021 and 2021 Tapia conference scholar.  I have done several academic projects, … Continued

Meet Mary

How she’s helping change the face of technology Working in technology puts me in the unique position of being able to contribute to some truly amazing applications across a huge … Continued

Meet Patrice

What makes her awesome I am fascinated by the impact technology has on people’s lives. As a result, I hope to work with a team that focuses on building and … Continued

Meet Amanda

What makes her awesome I am a senior majoring in Computer Science (graduating Spring ’23!). After graduation, I will start at GoDaddy as a Software Engineer. Besides my passion for … Continued

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