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A day of empowerment for Black, Latina & Native women in tech

Connect with diverse industry leaders, gain valuable insights, and build your network in a supportive online event designed for Black, Latina, and Native women in tech. It’s FREE to attend—join your community on July 17!

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In addition to gender, we recognize the challenges and strengths racial identity can add. Though Latinas represent a growing cohort in the tech industry, they are less likely than other groups to see themselves represented in tech-related discussions. Latinas de RTC is disrupting this inequity by amplifying, connecting, and developing Latinas in tech.

The Latinas de RTC group is for Latina women in technology and engineering majors to share experiences and advice, have a familiar community within the tech industry, and gain support from having a group of women with shared interests. The group is built around inclusivity and is a welcoming, safe space to share experiences, discuss difficult topics, and, most importantly, meet more Latinas in tech!

The Latinas de RTC community is working towards a more inclusive tech industry by

  • Providing students and early career women the opportunity to build community with fellow Latinas pursuing computing degrees at a local, regional and national level.
  • Retaining more Latina women in computing majors by welcoming students to a supportive community and exposing students to role models and mentors.
  • Connecting with Latina engineers, recruiters, and leaders who can share their journeys, tech experience, careers, and opportunities as Latina employees and their experience with non-Latina co-workers.
  • Providing a safe conversation space to share stories and discuss concerns about pursuing a career path in tech.
  • Collaborating with technology companies to better understand how to best provide resources to Latinas in the industry.
  • Helping Latina women learn about roles available for computing students, develop their talent, and understand whether diversity of thought and inclusivity are part of the company culture.
  • Celebrating the diversity within the Latinas de RTC group through events and social media campaigns to encourage conversation about our heritages.
  • Better understanding and addressing Latina women’s unique experiences and needs during recruiting and early into their careers so they will have equal opportunities and feel welcomed and supported as they enter their careers in tech.
Latinas de RTC at SHPE 2022


Latinas de RTC Members


Colleges + Universities Represented

As a member of Latinas de RTC, Rewriting the Code supports and empowers you with exclusive content and opportunities

Role Models

Exposure to influential Latina women in leadership and various tech-related positions, with advanced degrees, as well as leaders who appreciate the challenges Latina women encounter, both in person and via online events.

Education & Resources

Lessons from Latina women engineers and recruiters regarding approaches to handling challenges such as bias and impostor syndrome, as well as the best ways to approach interviews, negotiate offers, prepare for conferences, and network with company representatives. We’ll also facilitate events/mixers to provide support and build community, from shopping for professional clothing together to exchanging internship experiences and perspectives.

Tech Company Interaction

Creation of authentic educational and recruiting events to engage Latina students across public and private schools. Provide Latina students the opportunity to interact and ask questions of recruiters and engineers who look like them, offering relatable insight and perspective in exploring internship and full-time opportunities. Offer women guidance for understanding what companies are looking for, the application process, interview preparation, and the company onboarding process.

Research & Studies

Conduct surveys asking what other Latina women members desire from the program, what experiences they have had, what challenges they face in college or during their internship, and whether or not they have a mentor. We can invite people with different roles in tech (product manager, project manager, technical program manager, software engineer, etc.) and from different tracks (fintech, ed-tech, data analytics, etc.) to gain a broad perspective.

I am someone who intends to be the first person in my family to obtain a bachelor’s in something. As a Latinx/e woman, there are barriers. However, these obstacles can be overcome by a supportive community like RTC and my family and Latinas in Tech comunidad.

Alex, Latinas de RTC Member
Latinas de RTC bowling during SHPE 2022

Support Latina women in tech. Partner with us.

Corporate partners of Rewriting the Code impact the lives of college and early career women who are passionate about technology. Through recruiting and participation in RTC programs and events all year round, companies have the unique opportunity to not only attract diverse tech talent to their organizations but also to be an influencing factor in their decision to continue their pursuit of technology.

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