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Support college women pursuing a tech career. Donate to the RTC Women in Tech Fund today.

Rewriting the Code is a nonprofit organization disrupting gender and racial inequality in the tech industry. Our mission is to empower underrepresented communities, particularly women and women of color, to join and succeed in computer science and engineering roles.

With your help, we can continue to break down the barriers that prevent women from entering and thriving in technology careers. Your donation will support our programs and initiatives, including:

  • Mentorship and skill-building workshops
  • Networking and career advancement opportunities
  • Recruiting preparation and support
  • Scholarships and grants

By donating to Rewriting the Code, you invest in a more diverse and inclusive future for the technology sector. Your support will help us continue to create real and meaningful change in this industry and empower women from all backgrounds to succeed.

As one of the receivers of Rewriting the Code Last Mile Fund, RTC has helped me successfully finish school without having to worry about finances which almost hindered my graduation date. It is not just about the money, but the support that I have gotten by being a part of this community. The support has ranged from personal relationships, different events, Facebook group and group chats that I have been a part of.

Sobika, RTC Women in Tech Fund Recipient

I am infinitely grateful to Rewriting the Code for awarding me a scholarship to finish my degree. This scholarship has allowed me to focus on my studies and to pursue my dreams of a career in tech. I am so grateful for the support of RTC, and I am confident that I will continue to grow and succeed with their guidance.

Marwa, RTC Women in Tech Fund Recipient

I cannot even begin to express the gratitude and tenderness my heart has felt when I received notification that I received this scholarship. I can go to school, I can finish what I started, and my dreams are so much closer to becoming my reality. This has more than impacted my year, it’s turned the trajectory of my life.

Christiana, RTC Women in Tech Fund Recipient

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Together, we can make the tech industry more diverse and inclusive. Becoming an RTC partner demonstrates your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion while making a positive difference in the lives of underrepresented communities.

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