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How she’s helping change the face of technology

Working in technology puts me in the unique position of being able to contribute to some truly amazing applications across a huge variety of fields. In the future, I aim to build and contribute to products where I can see how my daily work impacts and supports the target audience. Additionally, my goal is to focus my technical capabilities on the applications of technology in the areas of education and accessibility.

  • The challenges she’s ready to take on

    I’ve often found myself getting absorbed in the day-to-day of work or study and forget to leave room for anything else. This is a challenge that I attempt to overcome by keeping in mind the core reason behind choosing tech as a career path and setting aside time to work on projects that I’m passionate about.
  • What the RTC community means to her

    When I began my graduate degree in Computer Science, I was actively looking for ways to connect with other women in tech. RTC provided me with exactly what I was searching for. Since joining RTC, I have met an incredible group of people who are always ready to help each other and offer advice. Through this community, I have had the opportunity to connect with my peers across different fields and collaborate on interview preparation and technical projects.

A primary focus of mine is finding new ways to streamline daily life using technology. The intersection of education with technology, as well as accessibility with technology, also presents many interesting problems that I would love to work on over the course of my career.

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