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The results are in for Rewrite Your Summer!

The results are in!

The Rewrite Your Summer program was designed as a way to help students whose internships were cancelled due to the pandemic, or who were unable to secure internships. We wanted to help the students realize visions, meet and collaborate with others in the community, and learn new skills through technical projects, and that’s just what happened.

Individuals and teams of students were sponsored in their virtual work by some of our partner companies, who provided Engineers to serve as technical mentors. Now that the summer is drawing to a close, the students completed presentations about their projects to share with our panel of judges.

And the winners are…



A tie between an individual project and a team project:



Jia Yu Lin, Queens College



Shimona Agarwal, Cornell

Bonnie Chen, New Paltz

Deborah Mepaiyeda, Ryerson

Vy Nguyen, Cornell


2nd PLACE:



Elizabeth Labor, NYU

Fatima Mahmoud, Cornell

Diana Mukhanova, U of Genoa

Imani Tyson, Fisk University

Annie Zhou, UT, Dallas


3rd PLACE:

A tie, between two teams:



Melanie Choi, Stony Brook

Shreya Datta, Michigan

Sumi Kolli, USC

Lily Lou, UNC



Kelly Dong, City College

Grace Kim, Harvard

Khanh Nham, Mount Holyoke

Eptisam Kassim, George Washington


Victoria Okoro, UMass, Amherst


Thanks to everyone who participated, whether as a student, a technical consultant, or a judge. You helped make the summer a rich developmental experience for all involved! Moreover, thank you to our amazing sponsors for their incredible support and collaboration throughout the process: : Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, SAS and Two Sigma. Your help made this possible and helped RTC members rise to the occasion!

-Team RTC

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