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Student Consultant Will Help Further the Student Focus of Rewriting the Code

Press release:
Durham, NC – January 11, 2019

Rewriting the Code, a non-profit dedicated to helping talented college women in technology fields, has hired a former RTC student as a Consultant for the semester. Myra Gupta, who is also serving as a Student Council Member for the 2018-19 school year, will help ensure all aspects of the student experience have been considered, and will bring a fresh, ‘inside’ perspective to RTC future planning.

“We’re excited to incorporate Myra’s insight and first-hand experience as a college woman in tech to our team.” [Sue Harnett, Co-Founder and President, Rewriting the Code]

Myra graduated a semester early in December 2018 from Cornell University College of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Business. Starting in Summer 2018, Myra will be working at Amazon in Seattle, WA as a full-time Software Development Engineer.

At Cornell, Myra was a founding board member of the university’s first and only engineering sorority, Alpha Omega Epsilon. She worked with groups like the National Center for Women and Information Technology to bring a computer science program to local middle school girls. She also served as a delegate to the United Nations Youth Assembly where she discussed issues of representation in technology and global sustainability efforts with youth from around the world.

“Myra will be a strong addition to our group. We’re planning amazing things for the future of RTC, and Myra will bring the perspective of a student who has been through our program.” [Jade Barricelli, Director of Student & Corporate Engagement, Rewriting the Code]

As a college-aged woman in technology herself, Myra has benefited greatly from the professional connections and leadership opportunities that RTC has provided and is looking forward to leading RTC’s Data Insight Initiative and Alumni Program.

To find out more about Rewriting the Code, including ways you can help support our talented community of undergraduate women in tech, visit us at or contact Sue Harnett at

About Rewriting the Code

Rewriting the Code is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has developed a community of exceptional college women with a passion for technology. RTC empowers women to become the next generation of engineers and tech leaders by providing community, industry education, professional and personal development, and hands-on experience though partnership with companies across North America.

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