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Rewriting the Code x Dick’s Sporting Goods

Written by Rewriting the Code member Raaka Mukhopadhyay. 2022 Dick’s Sporting Goods Corporate Office Tour.

On November 18, RTC arranged for members in Pittsburgh to spend the afternoon visiting the Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) Corporate Office! 

We received a warm welcome from Dick’s Sporting Goods campus recruiting team when we arrived. From there, we had lunch with the tech leaders, who shed insight into the culture and organizational structure of DSG. Additionally, we were able to learn more about the teams and ongoing projects, while receiving thoughtful answers to any questions we had!

Afterward, we went on a tour of the office and learned more about the day-to-day life of DSG employees. Dick’s Sporting Goods heavily values collaboration, and this was reflected in the office layout – there were so many spaces for teammates to work together in “neighborhoods”!

We also learned more about Hackathon and other unique opportunities for employees and interns to get involved in. Here is the wall where the winners of each year’s Hackathon are displayed:

Dick's Sporting Goods Hackathon Wall

We were also able to see the office amenities – such as an onsite PNC, Starbucks, food court, and fitness center (including a basketball court, indoor track, and more)!

Finally, we wrapped up our visit with a Women in Tech panel at Dick’s Sporting Goods. All of our panelists had amazing insights, and I’m so grateful to have gained advice from a diverse set of individuals. We learned so much about DSG’s efforts to support and encourage diversity in the workplace, and there was even a wall dedicated to the Women in Tech group!

Thank you so much to RTC (especially Kristin) for arranging this trip; Ryan and the DSG recruiting team for hosting us, and all the DSG employees who took the time to meet with us!

Dick's Sporting Goods - Women in Tech (WiT) Wall

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