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Reboot Representation Extends Largest Grant in Organization History to Rewriting the Code

RTC to Use Grant to Create Fundamental Change For Intersectional College Women in Tech Industry


DURHAM, NC – Rewriting the Code (RTC) is pleased to announce it has received an $800,000 grant from Reboot Representation Tech Coalition with the goal to support and grow the Black, Latina, and Indigenous communities for college women in tech. The Reboot grant will allow RTC to create more programs and opportunities for Black and Latina members, and to leverage combined intersectional communities of almost 2,000 women to develop a more robust national platform for necessary institutional change in the tech industry. The grant will assist RTC in providing role models, mentors, education, and workplace opportunities to existing members while inspiring more women to pursue computing degrees.

“At Reboot Representation, our goal is to invest in the often overlooked programs that make computing educations and careers in computing more equitable for Black, Latina, and Native American women, and our partnership with Rewriting the Code will help expand the RTC program to reach over 3,200 Black and Latina women in 3 years,” stated Dwana Franklin-Davis, CEO, Reboot Representation. “Together, Reboot and RTC are laying the groundwork for doubling the number of historically undervalued and under-resourced women achieving computing bachelor’s degrees by 2025.”

The mission of the Reboot Representation Tech Coalition is to double the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women receiving computing degrees by 2025. RTC strives to foster a sense of inclusion and belonging for Black and Latina women in tech and engineering by engaging their perspectives in a way that acknowledges the unique experiences they

encounter daily. The Black Wings and Latinas de RTC communities, established to further the overall goal of fighting barriers of discrimination for women in tech, have had a breakthrough impact on students. RTC reaches underserved populations in many areas, with just 19% of Black Wings members coming from Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the rest from schools where they may be one of the only Black women in tech.

“RTC has created intersectional communities and expanded our educational programming and mentorship, all while adding dedicated corporate partners,” stated Sue Harnett, Founder, President, and Board Chair of Rewriting the Code. “We have launched recruiting events and leveraged our virtual platform to respond to the needs college women face with the challenges of the pandemic.”

RTC is a diverse and inclusive community with members on the campuses of over 700 universities, as well as over 2,500 alumni.

About Rewriting the Code:

Rewriting the Code is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has developed an international community of over 11,500 exceptional college and early career women with a passion for technology. RTC empowers women to become the next generation of engineers and tech leaders by facilitating community, career exploration, mentorship, professional and personal development, and hands-on experience through partnerships with tech companies across various industries. To learn more, visit

About Reboot Representation:

Reboot Representation is a coalition of leading tech companies working to double the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women receiving computing degrees by 2025. At its inception, only 4% of computing degree graduates were Black, Latina, and Native American women. This portion will not double until 2052 without any intervention. Maintaining the status quo is too costly for the sector and society. For more information on how to join the coalition, support grantees, or to get involved in the fight for equity in tech, visit

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