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My NSBE Experience

By Clare Inyang, a Computer Science major at the University of Connecticut.  

As a first-time attendee of the NSBE annual convention, I was beyond thrilled to have the
opportunity to participate in such a high-caliber event. Growing up, I never had the chance to
experience something of this scale, so attending the convention was truly a dream come true!
One of the most exciting aspects of the convention was the opportunity to engage with
companies that I would not have otherwise been able to connect with on my college campus.
Meeting representatives from top tech firms and forging meaningful connections was a highlight
of the event, and I left feeling inspired and hopeful about my future career prospects.
Another standout feature of the convention was the incredible sense of community and black
excellence that showed throughout the conference. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming,
and it felt like a big family reunion.

Throughout the convention, I was able to attend a wide range of workshops led by experts in
their respective fields. From “Wakanda Technology Training” to “Smart Students Graduate
Rich,” there was always something interesting and informative to participate in. However, with
so much going on, I often wished I could be in multiple places at once!
Of all the convention’s events, my favorite was undoubtedly the Golden Torch Awards. The
room was electric, and the celebrations and regional chants were inspiring to witness. It was truly
awe-inspiring to see so many black students, professionals, and researchers being recognized for
their achievements and contributions.

Rewriting the Code was a significant source of support for me before and during the convention.
Before we’d even landed in Kansas City, there was a Conference Crash Course that covered
every aspect of the conference. During the conference, RTC planned fantastic events with some
companies that were at the career fair. These events were an excellent opportunity to network
with professionals one-on-one and learn from their experiences. Additionally, having a
community of women in CS to share this experience with makes the conference even more
meaningful and impactful.

Overall, attending the NSBE annual convention was a life-changing experience that provided me
with the tools, knowledge, and network that I will need to succeed in Computer Science. It also
gave me a sense of pride in being a black engineer and a desire to give back to my community. I
am forever grateful for the opportunity to attend and will always cherish the memories and
connections I made during my time at NSBE 49!!

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