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How she’s helping change the face of technology

The most enjoyable aspect of working within the tech industry has been the fact that every facet or career within it, requires a critical thinking and problem-solving mindset. Whether you’re working in an end user environment, as I do, or a more product/backend environment, you need to constantly need to troubleshoot issues. The best parts of my role as a Desktop Analyst involve solving problems on the daily and identifying patterns to scope the bigger picture of an issue. To find the root of an issue after a long day or week of digging and brainstorming is the greatest feeling that cannot be duplicated in any other form of career.

  • The challenges she’s faced and the advice she has for you

    As I started to involve myself in the tech industry at 16 years old, the challenges I found difficult to face revolved more around my own mentality. My first job in tech lead to me to meet so many talented people. It was hard to not compare my skills and achievements with that of those around me, but as time passed, the more I realized that I found an infinite pool of inspiration. It was extremely hard to reprogram my perspective, but I began to accept there was always going to be someone else better or more established than I was. However, I decided to try following in their steps, join the same communities they did, and practice the same skills they did to empower my own path which paid off in the end.
  • What the RTC community means to her

    I completed my education in 2021. I was informed of RTC through a contact which I met at WeCode 2018 who recommended I apply to the program to enrich my community. The career path in tech has been a bit turbulent in the fact I couldn’t “pick” a path to follow. Seemingly, I wanted to do and be everything – software developer, QA tester, desktop analyst, robotics engineer, etc but thought I could only choose one which lead to depression and the feeling of inadequacy but by expanding my involvement with more communities of women in tech, I realized that I could use the soft skills I’ve honed my whole life to integrate all my passions in my career path. This knowledge of knowing that being in a certain position does not stop you from starting to pan out in other goals is what I’d like to share with others in RTC. It might take an incredible amount of effort and sacrifices, but being a multifaceted technologist is always possible if you desire it enough so don’t cage yourself in because of a title – there is always the possibility of being something more than what you are now.

I’ve always been passionate about knowledge sharing and technologic literacy. I firmly believe providing information in a straight-forward and understandable format should accessible to any one. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen as there are many sub communities that are not being identified as “worth” it enough to create these streamline support systems. They can range from underfunded communities to the senior community where they share the same gap of knowledge in technological literacy and lack of digital inclusion. Closing this gap is critical to solving issues that impact these communities independence or economic opportunities and prevent them from accessing essential resources.

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