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How she’s helping change the face of technology

I enjoy hiking and the outdoors. I recently completed a 1-week hike in the Pisgah Forest. I hope to move up the corporate chain, manage an engineering team, and have a successful startup.

  • The challenges she’s ready to take on

    I have sometimes felt like I wasn’t good enough to be in Tech. I like this quote: “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”
  • What the RTC community means to her

    I joined RTC in 2018 because I was invited to an event, and everyone greeted me with a warm smile and love. The community has supported me by uplifting and supporting my dreams in Tech. I stayed in Computer Science because the RTC community motivated me to keep going.

I would like to tap into National Security. Technology has evolved and transformed and can be used to protect critical infrastructure, and prevent cyberattacks and other types of security breaches.