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How she’s helping change the face of technology

In five years, I hope to be working on a project that makes a difference. I want to use my technical skills to change lives for the better.

If I am not coding or hacking on side projects, I am probably taking my dog on a long walk through the city. Or I may be doing any other outdoor activity, whether that’s hiking or camping or rollerblading.

  • The challenges she’s ready to take on and the advice she has for you

    I have experienced a few challenges throughout my tech journey. Although some of those setbacks were tough, I think they made me an even better person and engineer. My advice is to lead with authenticity and trust your gut. Confidence and growth comes from within, and only you know how to keep up the momentum for yourself.
  • What RTC means to her

    I joined RTC to connect with other likeminded people starting out their tech careers. I have found a sense of community and inspiration in all of the people I have interacted with here.

I’d like to solve problems spanning from providing access to harm reduction sites/supplies to dismantling the stigma around addiction to making our everyday lives more sustainable.