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What makes her awesome

At university, I learned the core concepts of computer science and was able to explore different areas through electives. However, I found that there are just some areas that classes never teach you, such as interviewing, resumes, receiving/giving feedback, navigating imposter syndrome, etc. These are areas that I was able to learn about through the resources at RTC. In 2021, I participated in Black Wings Hacks, and my team actually placed first. I am also currently one of the RTC 3/4 Peer Leaders. I gained so much experience and knowledge through RTC, and it has been a crucial part of my education and where I am today.

One of my main hobbies at the moment is engaging with art, whether that’s creating art or going to museums/galleries. My other hobby is running — I’m hoping to run my first marathon in April 2023!

  • The moment she knew a career in tech was for her

    Growing up in Seattle, I was introduced to computer science and the tech industry pretty early on in school. Something that stuck with me was the power of technology, not to mention the number of opportunities and applications. Ultimately, when I was looking at universities and majors, I chose computer science because of the skills you gain and the endless amount of applications.
  • What the RTC community means to her

    I was introduced to Rewriting the Code early on in my first year at university. And since then, RTC has been the most amazing community and resource. Not only was I introduced to all the companies and opportunities available in tech, but RTC helped me prepare and feel confident interviewing for and performing within those roles. Ultimately, my internships (and full-time offer) were at companies introduced to me through RTC. I have so much love for RTC and have benefitted so much from the community — I really hope that other college women take advantage of this unique community.

My broad goal is to work on technology that helps improve people’s lives in tangible ways. Recently, I have been passionate about financial products and services. Particularly, I’m interested in developing technology that makes these financial products and services more accessible to all.

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