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8 Questions New RTC Members Ask

Welcome to the Rewriting the Code community! You’ve probably got some questions, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We’ve answered some of the most common questions from new members.

Who can join?

RTC is open to any early career or undergraduate, graduate, bootcamp student who identifies as a woman or nonbinary individual with an interest in tech. RTC supports women during school and the first five years of their careers.

What can I get out of RTC?

RTC exposes you to a vast network. You can connect with multiple companies, professionals, and peers who will help you with questions throughout your education and early career. You’ll also have access to internship and new grad opportunities that give RTC members priority. Many RTC members find internships and jobs through our career fairs and job board!

Does RTC ever host in-person events?

Yes, RTC provides many ways to meet other members in person! For example, we host free events for summer interns in the Bay Area, Seattle, New York, and more. These events are very diverse, ranging from dinners to museum visits! We also host exclusive, special events at conferences like the Grace Hopper Conference with our sponsor companies. We have also launched Early Career Hubs in Seattle and NYC that foster in-person networking, with more Hub cities launching in 2023!

How can I get involved as a student leader or intern with RTC?

RTC has always kept students at the center of everything we do. Our Student Leaders are the heartbeat of our organization and play an instrumental role in keeping us moving in the right direction. Our interns also play an essential role in helping us understand and address the community’s needs. Both are paid positions with RTC and are opened annually in the Spring for applications.

How can I get involved with the RTC community?

Become an RTC Peer Mentor to share your experiences and provide mentorships to fellow members! Interested in volunteering? Sign up here! You can also join the RTC Slack, where we discuss topics such as getting internships at different companies and how to prepare for a career in tech.

Where can I find events?

TeamRTC ( is the go-to place for all things RTC. On TeamRTC, you can navigate to the “Events” tab, which allows you to view all the upcoming and past RTC events. You can also filter by a variety of criteria. If you ever miss an event, chances are it was recorded! So, you can navigate to the “Resources & Programs” tab, which has folders for different categories. Within these folders are recordings of past events, slide decks related to those events, and more!

How do I connect with other RTC members?

Join the Slack channels that interest you, introduce yourself, direct message people you want to get to know better and attend RTC events/meetups!

Is there financial support available for first-generation, low-income students?

Yes! RTC partnered with the Last Mile Fund to create the RTC Women in Tech Fund, which assists RTC members facing financial obstacles. Please keep in mind that you must have been an RTC member for at least six months when applying.

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