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Rewriting the Code

Who are we?

Rewriting the Code is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering college women in their pursuit of careers in technology. We believe that through creating meaningful partnerships with committed organizations like yours, we can begin to bridge the talent gap together.

Passionate. Talented. Diverse. Ever-growing.

The Rewriting the Code community consists of members and fellows who share a common bond of having an intense passion for technology and pursue this passion through their college academics. They come from top universities across the country and show their talent through projects, internships, hackathons, and volunteering for good. They are widely diverse in their interests, their skills, and in their backgrounds which make this community such a great place to learn and thrive. The community is continually growing, both in size and in each members’ personal and career development.


Unfortunately, the quit rate among women in computer science is alarmingly high – only 18% of computer science graduates are women and this number has stagnated for over a decade. This is also a significant drop in the percentage of females graduating with degrees in computer science since the 1980’s when women made up on average, over 30% of the graduating class.

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Top 25 RTC Schools by Membership

1  Duke University
2  Cornell University
3  University of California, Los Angeles
4  University of Pennsylvania
5  Harvard University
6  Stanford University
7  University of California, Berkeley
8  Princeton University

9  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
10  University of Virginia
11  Dartmouth College
12  Columbia University
13  Washington University in Saint Louis
14  California Polytechnic State University
15  Georgia State University
16  Brooklyn College

17  DePauw University
18  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
19  Tufts University
20  University of California, Santa Cruz
21  University of Texas , Austin
22  Carnegie Mellon University
23  New York University
24  North Carolina State University
25  University of Waterloo

Being a partner has its rewards.

Being a partner of Rewriting the Code means having real impact on the lives of college women who are passionate about technology. Through recruiting and participation in RTC programs and events all year round, companies have the unique opportunity to not only attract female tech talent to their organizations, but to also be an influencing factor in their decision to continue their pursuit of technology.

Corporate Partner benefits

Exceptional Talent

Access RTC's vetted community of exceptional students from across the US & Canada for internship and permanent position consideration.


Build a sustainable 12-month relationship with 1st though 4th year students as a partner in RTC’s holistic programming designed to engage, educate, and empower our all-female community while exposing the community to your company’s technology, engineers and brand.

Share your knowledge

Share the experiences and expertise from your company's thought leaders in the education, mentoring, and personal skill development of the RTC community to help prepare more confident, well-prepared future tech leaders


Access a platform to communicate your company culture, brand, and career paths to the entire RTC student community, who are a target market for permanent positions in your organization

Faculty interactions

Identify opportunities for your company to meet and interact with top computer science and engineering faculty who are willing to share their insights and perspective as the educators of women in tech

What our corporate partners are saying about
Rewriting the Code

“Rewriting the Code is addressing the issue that so many college women who set out to pursue a technical degree quit somewhere along their collegiate journey. As a tech company, we believe that building a strong, resilient pipeline of women in technology through organizations like Rewriting the Code is critical for the growth and success of our business and the industry more broadly.”
– Sara Furber, Head of Listings at The Investors Exchange

"Rewriting the Code's multi-university community has given us the chance to meet some incredible computer scientists that we wouldn't have encountered with our traditional on campus recruiting efforts. It also means that the impact of the fantastic internships our RTC fellows have at Capital One is far greater than just one women or even one school; it spreads our brand as a premier technology employer to an even larger and more diverse population than we would see otherwise.”
- Mike Fulkerson, Vice President for Core Innovation at Capital One

"As a rapidly growing software company in the Research Triangle, our search for great engineers is a never-ending task. Our partnership with Rewriting the Code has proven to be an invaluable resource for identifying tremendous talent far beyond our normal geographic reach. We are excited to continue building our relationship with them and look forward to meeting this year's class of engineers."
- Steve Hoffman, Vice President of Engineering at Teamworks

Companies we work with:

The Investors Exchange
Morgan Stanley
Capital One
Town of Cary - IT
Bank of America
Fannie Mae

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