Solid data. Actionable insights.
Real impact.

About Our Research

We have built a small consortium of top universities and select tech companies to collaborate in conducting research that identifies the needs of women in tech, collecting important data on what works and why, and sharing best practices more effectively.

Rewriting the Code is launching a longitudinal research program to collect and analyze much needed data about women in tech. With solid data, we will help our corporate and university partners implement interventions and programs that effectively address the needs identified in the research.

This is not another round of research focused on “admiring the problem.”

The real value of this program lies in delivering actionable results. With insights attained through a blend of quantitative and qualitative research, we propose to test and iterate prototype solutions in real-life situations in order to monitor their effectiveness. We will combine the best research with best practices over time to effect change. The results of our research will be put into action and communicated widely so that others can benefit from this work.

Our Research Team

We have created a small, diverse, talented team of researchers, educators, and programmatic experts. Our team includes quantitative and qualitative researchers from Workshop, Duke University, and Rewriting the Code. We will add a research expert in gender diversity to our team (pursuing recommendations of the Clayman Institute). A research advisory board drawn from leading universities and tech companies will inform and improve all aspects of our research program.

The Workshop (led by Anna and Ben Adlard)

Anna is a veteran of market research and communications strategy. As Director of Insights for Capstrat, Anna led market research and strategy for prominent clients in higher education, healthcare, and financial services. Now she’s pushing the envelope on market research through a combination of agile methods and design-thinking. She will assume the lead in managing the Rewriting the Code research team.

Ben is a seasoned tech product manager working with start-ups, an award-winning digital agency, and most recently, a global foundation based in South Africa. At Workshop he oversees rapid prototyping on innovations that span both technical solutions and business transformation. Workshop’s recent assignments include major initiatives with Cradle to Cradle and Google (a joint research endeavor), an eLearning platform for healthcare workers, and an open-source mobile messaging platform in developing world organizations funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Nike Girl Foundation and UNICEF.

Kevin Weinfurt, PhD

Kevin is Professor of Psychiatry and faculty at the Duke Clinical Research Institute. Trained as an experimental psychologist, Kevin has conducted both quantitative and qualitative research on a variety of topics, developed measures for use in research, and is currently working on ways to improve the collection of real-world evidence and pragmatic research.

Carl Pieper, PhD

Carl is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics with the Duke Clinical Research Institute. His areas of expertise include longitudinal data analysis, psychometrics (questionnaire design), the design and analysis of research programs, and the design, conduct, and analysis of implementation trials.

We expect to add further experts to the team in the coming months.