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Fellowship Program

The Rewriting the Code Fellowship Program is our flagship program for women undergraduates studying computer science and engineering who are interested in gaining applied experience through potential internships with leading tech companies who partner with Rewriting the Code.

The Rewriting the Code Fellowship is a national program for undergraduate college women interested in careers in tech. This year-long program offers opportunities for coaching, educational programming, industry exploration, networking, and the potential for a summer internship with one of Rewriting the Code’s partner organizations.

Applicants to the fellowship must:

  • currently be enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian college or university in pursuit of a bachelors degree
  • be entering their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year as an undergraduate student studying a subject that could lead to a career in tech
  • identify as female between the ages of 18-24
  • produce a resume that clearly showcases experiences and projects that use the technical skills you have obtained in and out of the classroom

In collaboration with the student Fellows, computer science and engineering educators, and leaders of tech companies, we have designed the Fellowship Program to respond to what women in computer science and engineering say they want and need:

  • Educational programming that builds upon what they learn in their college courses and helps prepare them for success in their internships
  • Leadership training and confidence building programs that directly address their feelings of isolation, imposter syndrome and implicit bias
  • Activities and informal interactions that encourage a sense of community and peer support from other young women in tech
  • Coaching and mentorship from women and men with professional experience and commitment to helping the next generation of women in tech
  • Meaningful interactions with leaders in tech companies to learn about the opportunities, priorities and cultures at different companies
  • Real world, applied work experiences such as internships with tech companies

Rewriting the Code Fellowship Program

“This program opened up a door—no a world of possibilities and opportunities for me, providing insight into the numerous facets of the tech industry. I would not be working on the significant projects that I am, nor forming connections with the amazing people that I have without this program—it has literally changed my life.” - 2016 & 2017 Fellow

“This past summer, being a Rewriting the Code fellow greatly enriched my life as an intern at Facebook. I was able to meet up with Rewriting the Code fellows from other universities who were interning or doing research in the bay area and together we worked with coaches and near-peers who had recently graduated from college and were working in the industry. I wouldn't have known those amazing people, attended the great events and talks outside of where I lived and worked, or thought of my career the same way I do now had I not been part of the fellowship.” -2017 Fellow

“RTC is an amazing organization and I have been so fortunate to be a fellow this past summer. I had always loved technology, but found it difficult to find the courage to voice my opinion in this male-dominated field. Through RTC, however, I have met and been inspired by the incredible community of women who are as passionate about this industry as I am. This program has given me the opportunity to expand my network by introducing me to successful business women, connecting me to invaluable resources like interview coaches and mentors, and providing me with an amazing support system that I can look to for guidance, feedback, and advice. Because of RTC, I now know that I am not alone. The connections I have made, the friendships I have formed, and the insight I have gained from my experience with RTC has made me confident that I do belong in tech.” -2017 Fellow

Applications are currently closed.

The 2018 fellowship class is currently in progress. Application for the class of 2019 will open this summer.

RTC membership is open year-round and is free to join. If you are currently a college woman interested in careers in tech, please visit our membership page.