Building confidence, right from the start.

Educational Programming

The Rewriting the Code summer Fellowship is a selective program for undergraduate women in CS to gain applied experience in tech internships and participate in weekly educational programming, including speakers, workshops and seminars, focused on three themes:

  • Capability
  • Career
  • Confidence

In 2017, RTC will run programming in three hub city locations—Silicon Valley, Raleigh-Durham and Washington DC—over the course of nine weeks in the summer, corresponding with college calendars and student internship dates.

Our educational programs complement Fellows' internship experiences, and are designed to:

  • Enable women to excel in internships and early careers with a broader set of tools and technical skills
  • Build and instill confidence through workshops, public speaking opportunities and leadership training
  • Inspire women to continue in CS majors and tech careers through leaders and role models
  • Create strong community among Fellows

Rewriting the Code programming is comprised of several events and educational sessions, including:

I. Orientation Training

II. Thursday Afternoon Sessions
Technical Workshops
Leadership Speakers
Individual Presentations

III. Community Building Activities
Company Tours
Group Dinners
Local Activities

Thursday afternoon sessions will focus on relevant topics to build confidence and technical skills and prepare for careers, such as: 

GitHub Commits (Capability)
Imposter Syndrome (Confidence)
Language Primers (Capability)
Growth Mindset (Confidence)
Implicit & Explicit Bias (Confidence)
Product Management (Career)
Front End & Design (Career)
Back End & Fullstack (Career)
Open Source (Capability)