Strong coaches. Strong support.

Rewriting the Code Coaching Program

Rewriting the Code Fellows are undergraduate women studying computer science or engineering who have the opportunity to participate in a selective summer enrichment experience comprised of a summer internship with leading tech companies; coaching and mentorship; and educational programming related to personal growth, technical skills, and confidence building.

The coaching component of the program offers Fellows the unique opportunity to cultivate a personal relationship with experienced, passionate individuals who will act as trusted counselors and guides. Rewriting the Code participants will work with peers, women currently in technology, and industry leaders to gain academic, career and personal guidance.

We view this as a safe, non-judgmental, and open opportunity. As with any relationship, it will take time, commitment, and mutual respect. Everyone’s time is valuable and we hope to enable opportunities to cultivate relationships that may last a lifetime.

Coach Types

Rewriting the Code Fellows may gain valuable learning opportunities from a variety of members of this support community. Coaches will offer perspective, inspire, listen, mentor, and share personal experience. They will also facilitate opportunities that may shape the passion, undergraduate experience, and choices of these young women during life after college. We encourage all Fellows to take advantage of the opportunities to engage with their peers and those who have come before them who wish to contribute to the next generation of leaders.

Peer-to-peer coaches

Rewriting the Code Fellows are comprised of women entering their sophomore, junior and senior years of school, across 25 universities and with an array of academic, professional and life experiences. This community of women offers some of the most valuable opportunities for common understanding and support. We will foster opportunities for fellows to interact via boot camps, weekly programming events and virtual forums. Fellows are highly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to form friendships that may last for years to come.

Women in the first 10 years of their tech career

Women early in their tech careers provide Fellows first-hand insight into the cultural and technical experiences across a variety of positions and companies. This network of women is not far removed from the questions they had as college students and offer relevant perspectives that are invaluable for internships and future tech careers.

Experienced tech & general leaders across industries

Rewriting the Code continues to recruit seasoned women and men who have reached more advanced stages of their careers and have experienced a variety of roles, experiences, challenges and successes. This invaluable collection of leaders hope to share their stories with Rewriting the Code Fellows to offer inspiration and perspective related to both their professional and personal lives.